Short Stories

by Muneeb Ahmad


A Man out of a Boy

It was 7 o’clock in the morning, Saturday the 12th of November 2011. Me and my family were sleeping in our beds. My mom got a phone call from my aunt. When I heard my mom’s phone call on her night stand, I walked into my parents room and turned the lights on. My mom leaned up against her bed and began talking. I was standing beside her, waiting to tell her something. My dad who was sleeping beside my mom also suddenly woke up. My aunt informed my mom slowly and clearly that my grandma had passed away. My dad found out what happened. He looked at me and whispered it slowly. I was shocked when I heard it. My heart began to beat faster. I was not sad, but numb. I did not know what to say or do, because it happened so suddenly.

After this establishment my dad told me to, order a ticket for my mom to Pakistan on our computer. I was really stressed because we needed to do a lot of things in a hurry. While I was on the computer my heart began to beat faster because I was feeling sorry for my mom. My dad went downstairs to the couch to call my uncle to confirm some things. My mom called her little brother in Sweden, to inform him what has happen so he also could get a ticket fast. Luckily we got my mom a ticket. We agreed on that my mom and uncle were going meet in Oslo, and then take the flight together from there. They were coming back on December 28th. The last person to inform what had happened was my brother in England.


Now that my mom was gone, my dad and I were the only at home. My dad said that it was going to be hard time for all of us. I had to stay home alone because of my dad was at work all the time, and my brother was studying in England. It was a lonely and different time for me. Since I was home alone all the time, I got bored. It was like something was missing. It was my mom. At home I did my usual duties and habits. Sometimes my dad would let me sleep at my friend’s house. My dad said that it was a good idea so I would use my time correctly, and be with my friend. My friend’s dad would drive me to school. While I was at my friend’s house playing games or at home doing homework I was worried for my mom. I was not feeling bad for her because it had been two weeks now. Sometimes I was wondering if she was sick or if she was okay in general.


In the start of December, I was at home. It was a Sunday and my dad was free that day. We were both eating breakfast at the dining table. Suddenly my dad asked if I wanted to go Pakistan alone because he knew I was a bit worried for my mom. I did not know what to say. Since I did not answer, my dad said with a smile we were going to order a ticket. When my dad was ordering the tickets he found some people who would guide me when I would arrive in the Pakistani Airport. I was leaving in a few days.


The day before I was leaving I had to ask all my teachers for the homework I was supposed to do while I was gone, and I also had to pack. The day I was leaving my dad drove me to the airport. My dad guided me in the Copenhagen Airport. I got my boarding pass. Now I was walking to the Terminal without my dad. I thanked him and said goodbye to him with happiness. I was so excited, while I was walking to the terminal and waiting room. After I was done with everything I sat in the plane.


The plane took off. I was really relaxed. I did not have any stress, because I was going to my mom. After a while, I began to sleep. After a seven hour flight I had arrived in Lahore Airport. The people who were supposed to guide me in the Airport did not arrive so I had to do everything myself. I just followed the other people did what they did, and checked out and got my packages easy.


After all this I got out of the airport. My mom was waiting there with my aunt and uncle. She was happy to see me, so was I. After I met them, we drove home. I did my homework in Pakistan and played with my cousins.


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