Picture Story

by Faruk Saritepeci


A rainy day

Once there was boy, he hated rain and he always said “rain doesn’t do anything except for making your clothes wet, I hate rain, I can’t have fun when it’s raining”. One day it was raining and the boy wasn’t happy about it. He went to his mom and said “mom I’m bored, can you please tell me a story”. She said that it was going to be something about rain, but the boy hated rain so he said “I don’t want to listen to anything about rain” and his mom said “well, you might miss something very important if you don’t hear this”. The boy said “fine, only this time”. His mom started telling something about the rain “why do you hate rain so much? Without rain the plants couldn’t grow, we would get thirsty, we couldn’t find water, the place you are living now would

be a desert if there were no rain. The animals would die and the world would have be a lifeless planet”. After listening all these from his mom, he realized that she was right indeed and that wasn’t a story, it was something true. And from that day on, he loved rain and he always wished that it rain each day.


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