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by Ramazan Dicle


Abenaa Uttenthal

Tribute to former faculty member at ØIS, Mrs. Abenaa Uttenthal. She had to move to Ghana, but has been loved greatly by students, teachers and parents since her first day at ØIS.  And she has loved back ever since as if she is always here at ØIS with us.

From MYP1 with love...


She is very funny “haha” She is pretty “BEE-YOU-TIFUL”. She is smart “I know what y’all are wandering.” She likes noodles “CHING-CHANG-CHUN”

She was very understanding, and she always smiled even if she was sad. She cared and shared and tried to show us her best. If there was something wrong she would always stay positive and wouldn’t care about the negative no matter what. She had a smile on her face and always remembered to say “good morning to you” and believe it or not but  that story was true.



I loved when she was telling stories it really got my attention. She didn’t make me sad when I did something wrong. She didn’t tell me that I was doing wrong. She explained me how I could improve myself more.



Well… I have always been Mrs. Uttenthal’s favorite  and she has always been my favorite! She has been more than a teacher to me she has been a teacher, friend, and a mother. I wish she could still be with us! I realized English class was super boring without her.


She is awesome and always tries to help.



She is awesome, very nice and the best teacher in the school.



She was very nice and awesome in school. I loved her style of teaching.



I felt like she understood me… Sometimes after class I would talk to her and she would understand. I could always rely on her, and she made me realize that being different was okay, and  that I should be myself and not a copy of someone else. Being is the best me. She will always be a very unique person.




She was the best……She was better than everyone…..she understood everything…….sometimes I felt like she was my mother… She WAS my second mother…..She was my queen and I was her princess.

MYP3 Comments

“Mrs. Uttenthal as our favorite teacher and we all loved her.”

“I wish she would return back to our school.”

Mrs. Uttenthal was my favorite teacher in the school; she connected to the students more than any other teacher I have met.

She really made me care about English.

She made school exciting again

Mrs. Uttenthal really liked us and we really liked her.

She was the best teacher I ever had.

I really connected with her.

I want her to come back so badly.

Her classes were excellent, very high quality and informative. I really felt like I was learning things there.

Mrs. Uttenthal you were really fun.

Great teacher.


Smile to me, my hidden star

May I forget you, never

Is your story really that far

Let me in! Open your heart

Enter my life, forever!



Ps. Smile to the world and i promise it will smile back


Written to Mrs. Uttenthal, one of the best teachers ever, we love you Mrs. Uttenthal.


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  1. abenaa.nyarko@gmail.com' Abenaa Uttenthal says:

    Smile to me, my rising stars. The power of your light gives me energy to meet each day. Under the eclipsing night sky, every twinkle offers a promise of a brighter tomorrow. It is that tomorrow that I long for; that tomorrow that gives me hope; yes, that tomorrow that makes me know that today is worth the living. (Ms. Uttenthal – Quick write with remixed line from Frederikke’s acrostic poem)

    You have all inspired me to rise to the highest standards and to do my best as a teacher, a mother, a friend, a neighbor, a sister, a daughter, and a citizen of this beautiful world that we are all so fortunate to have. You are not my past; you will forever remain my present, my gift. Thank you for honouring me in this public way. I could not have imagine greater love from my students. Never forget that each of your lives has meant more to me than you will ever know.

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