Ramazan Dicle, Editor in Chief

Mr. Dicle is from Adiyaman, Turkey. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the Department of English Linguistics at Hacettepe University in Ankara as a top ranking student in 2010. While at Hacettepe University, he also completed the ELT (English Language Teaching) Program. He holds a Magister degree in Turkish Linguistics from Uppsala University, Sweden. He holds an MA in General Linguistics from Stockholm University with a focus on bilingualism, cognitive linguistics and language typology.

Emma Simonsen comes from New Zealand but is also half Danish. She joined the school in 2012. Her favourite hobbies and activities include eating exotic foods and shopping.

Emma Gyde was born in Vietnam and is half Danish half English. She has traveled around the world and lived in Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, Panama and now Denmark. Emma has been in ØIS since 2013. He favorite subject is English. She enjoys creative and factual writing.

Daniel Austin is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Since 2007, he has lived in Denmark and Canada. His favorite topics in school are Math, English, and Music. He is helping in the literary magazine so he can improve his writing skills, and so he can help the magazine.

Hi, I’m Hjalte, a writer within the literary magazine. I’m 14, MYP 4 and I love writing reviews for fiction and I love great literature. My other interests include design, drama and space.

Zenana was born in Nepal and was raised there until 2010 when she came to Denmark. She currently lives here in Denmark Copenhagen with her parents. Zenana enjoys writing, reading, drawing, and listening to music. She also enjoys traveling and hopes to go to a lot of more different places in the future.

Anouk Blanchett , Editor

Anouk Blanchett was born in Anchorage Alaska, and she moved to Copenhagen when she was nine. Anouk has attended ØIS for a little more than two years. Her hobbies include, dancing, reading, listening to music and taking photos.

Francesco Gagliardi comes from Rome in Italy. He lived in Rome for five years, then his father started to work in Denmark so they decided to move. He lived 5/6 years in Copenhagen in Denmark. He likes sports and he likes to eat.

Simon is fourteen years old and is born in Luxembourg, but has lived in London, Stockholm and is currently living in central Copenhagen. He considers himself Danish even though he is born in Luxembourg. He likes to go to fitness (Running, Boxing). He also likes to socialise with friends and family, and use his free time writing.