Short Stories

by Alexander Tsibin


Around the Half of the World in 90 days

I could not imagine traveling around half the world in 90 days, but I did! Last summer, I traveled first from Utah (the United states) to Singapore. That was 14,252.35 kilometers! Then I traveled from Singapore to China, which was 3,835 kilometers. Last I traveled to Denmark. That was 10,142 kilometers!

I never realized I had traveled that far until one day in Singapore my teacher asked me to calculate it.

Along the way I experienced many different things, peoples, food, languages, arts and crafts, holiday traditions and clothes. I also made lots of friends from many different places around the world.

In the United States, I lived in many states, Arizona, Georgia, and Utah. I learned a little Spanish, and German. I had friends from countries like Egypt, France, Israel, Mexico, India and China. We have different ethnic traditions, practices, religions and beliefs. Even some of our names are quite difficult to remember when it comes to spelling, like Jose, Martinez, Ibraham, Ankit, Ian, Tianle Fang, and Ismai, etc. But we are still friends.  We play tag and capture flag together. We compete in tennis and spelling bee against each other.

In Singapore, I made a very good Malaysian friend, Lee Eexuan. He introduced me to Singapore’s different religions and delicious Malaysian foods. He had to learn to get used to the local community, just like me.  But we love to catch bugs together.  We speak Chinese and English. In Singapore, I rode the bus with my Korean friend, and my mom chatted in English with our Japanese neighbor. My sister did not like Malaysia food as I did. But we love the smelly taste of Durian. One funny thing, my professor mom’s orders at McDonald never came through to the Singaporeans’ English. She once got a super huge drink that she had no idea she ever ordered it.

In Denmark, I am learning Danish. I am making new friends and learning about them. I am beginning to enjoy the Danish food, the smørrebrød, the Vikings history, and Lego brick architecture around the city. Also there are unique clothes styles that I like. In my class, I have Indian, Chinese, Bangladeshi and Turkish friends. We are all different in many ways but we are friends.

It is my strong belief that if the world’s people could all be friends, then there would be peace and no more wars anywhere. And all of our problems could come to a rest.


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