Book Review

by Leann Hussein


Bear snores on

In the wood, there was a bear. He slept through the lovely winter night. Then there came a mouse in the bear’s cave. It was too dark but the mouse turned fire on. Then a hare came to the bear’s cave. They drank tea. Then a badger came he had honey-nuts. They were delicious. Then a mole came and a wren came. Last but not least, a raven came through the door. Everybody was warm in the bear’s cave. They danced and had fun. Just then the bear woke up. All of the animals went out of his cave but the mouse was brave. Accidently the bear stepped on fire but the mouse rescued the bear. And they all had fun. One of the animals said that “he snored loudly. No, very loudly. No, super loudly.” Then all of the animals snored on except from the bear.


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