by Emma Simonsen


Believe in yourself

Have you ever been called fat, fake, freak? There are many girls out there who are insecure, feel worthless and don’t want to live anymore due to being called these things and many more hurtful words. These three words could lead to more serious things like self-harming, depression and worst of all suicide. Believing in yourself is the path to happiness. You shouldn’t care what others think of you, live life the ways you want, do what you want, don’t let anyone take away or crush what you want. Let’s take Demi Lovato for example, she got bullied and she self-harmed, she was depressed. She got out of that dark hole because she believed in herself. She followed he dreams and became a famous actress, singer and role model for girls across the globe by just believing she was worth it. Remember ‘Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect’. This quote means

you don’t need to be perfect. As long as you have the support and love from your family and friends you can do great things. Why be perfect just be you. I have friends who self-harm, one that tried to take her life, all because of words, horrible words. Don’t get me wrong, there are also good words too like pretty, nice, kind. I’ve had my own experience with bullying; it’s not a pleasant thing to be a victim of. I admit it; I have also said mean things to people. But I had a reason, I bet we all do. But I have stopped mostly and I’m happier than before. I have decided to start believing in myself and so should you. People may bully because they feel bad about themselves, are a victim of someone else’s game, there are millions of reasons. Self-harming and depression are as dark as the night sky, you are probably thinking, how do I know? I know because I have friends who describe the darkness and pain. It is a shark slowly eating away at you, piece by piece, cut by cut. You don’t notice the beautiful scenery or all the people smiling, telling you that you are amazing, only the bitter sorrow of hurt. Have you ever been called fat, fake, freak?


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