by Ivan Petrov


Copenhagen in Spring Time

Spring time in Copenhagen is a beautiful time. Even the best I’d say. It’s that time when you come outside to go to school and you can even smell the freshness of the whole city. This year it is pretty cold in spring for some reason, but its getting warmer and warmer as each day passes by. You can start going somewhere with your friends after school, doing something outside. Summer break is getting closer and closer and I think that everyone is happy whenever summer comes. There are a lot of places you can visit during spring time. Even just going to a park and walking there would give you pleasure. Also going to the area around Bakken- one of the amusement parks-I s a great idea. The forest around there is fantastic. If you want to take a run it would be one of the best places in the whole city or even the best place I’ve been to for that reason. And I have had been in a lot of different parts of the world.

And I think the best thing about spring in Denmark is that it comes instantly. The first day you are thinking “Why do I have to come out tomorrow to freeze again”, but then you come out and you just feel it in the air, like if there is a little voice in your head that just keeps screaming, “Spring has come, spring has come!” Unfortunately this year was different. There was one day where it was exactly how I described it but then in a few days the cold returned. It is still here but somewhere after mid-day for four or five hours it’s pretty warm. But everyone wears light jackets anyway.

It’s also really fun to watch as the number of kids who are four, five year’s old increase from a few to millions. If you look outside on a play ground in the beginning of January then you will see a couple of kids. But if you look in the end of May then you will see a pretty large crowd jumping, running and doing all kind of things. I also enjoy watching the tired parents on the benches with the smaller kids, who somehow manage to survive in this mayhem.

Anyway, I hope this gives you an idea about what spring is like here in Copenhagen and that spring is one of the nicest times of the year.



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