by Emma Simonsen



Ashes of forgotten sun, crumble beneath moist green,
Poisoned roses wither into sticks,
The burn of acidic rain chokes the broiling rays,
Summer laughter turns into mucus ravaged cackles,

Passionate tones decorate the vines,
Forceful blows yank at the hair covering branches,
Drops of hail, weaken the warmth,
The freshness of breath whistles through our ears,

Herbal tea arises from a dusty shelf,
Candles flicker in the shadows of electric heat waves,
Vegan fur and leather faux nuzzle through crowds of orange leaves,

The crisp air kisses flushes of pale skin,
Quilts wrapped in dozens, arrange on soft bunks,
Summer is desolate, buried in its shine
Autumn awakens with a nectarous melody


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