by Ivan Petrov


Denmark in autumn

Denmark in autumn can easily be described by one word: rain. The words grey and sad might work as well. But if the weather is grey it doesn’t mean that the people are too. Life continues. You are starting to see the first Christmas decorations in the stores being sold. I personally consider autumn as a “transition season” which for me means that it is the bond between summer and winter. I also don’t think a lot of people like autumn as much as other seasons. But I find it very cozy here in Denmark since you get to stay inside the house and play video games, or watch a movie. For me the coziness comes from knowing that outside its raining, it’s cold and wet, but inside your house you feel separated from the rest of the world, as if they don’t exist, you are the center of the universe. It’s a very nice feeling. However there are still the bad sides to autumn, for example going to school can be annoying due to the rain. That people are not too active in their lives in general during autumn is kind of what autumn is. It is the transition, the holiday between the summer and the winter during which everyone is not at their best. And here in Denmark due to its geographical position that effect is amplified. You don’t even notice that it’s autumn until it’s suddenly November out on the street. However after that December is a very active month with the Christmas and the New Year coming up, everyone is busy with something. In conclusion, autumn is meant to give everyone a break from their busy lifestyle and prepare people for the upcoming holidays.


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