by Chantal Girishan


Dieting makes people fat

How to lose the unwanted fat? Which diet is the most affective? What is the best tool to make me look toned? 

These questions are asked by many people daily.

The media has made a picture of the “perfect body”. A woman should be fit, lean, maybe toned and a man should be muscular and strong. Many people want to achieve this body by thinking that starving or having a strict eating and exercising plan will help them to reduce the weight and have the body that they have always wanted. Photo-shopped pictures of models in the magazines make curvier people insecure and feel bad about themselves, which can sometimes lead to depression or even death.

It is true that dieting might make you look leaner in the first weeks, but that is only what it looks like to the outside. When you start dieting or eating less, you lose the carbohydrates, which are stored in your muscles, and liver as glycogen. This is what makes you feel tired or have less strength to go running or lifting weights, because you are losing muscle power. Also the water is escaping from your body, which causes you to look skinnier.

It has been proven, that people, who go on a diet will eventually relapse and they will become even heavier, than what they were before the diet.

Then what is the right way of losing weight?
Of course a healthy lifestyle will lead you to have this “perfect body” that everyone so desperately wants, but balanced food and lifestyle will also give you a balanced body, which isn’t either overweight or underweight, but the body, that you are supposed to have. Balanced eating us not a diet, it is a lifestyle. Isn’t that right, that your body is the reflection of your lifestyle?
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