by Francesco Cagliardi


‘Drip Drip’

One day there were two parents without any kids. The man went to a party while the woman stayed home. She got tired and went to bed. When she put her head on the pillow she heard a sound from the bathroom; ‘Drip drip’. She went in the bathroom to see what it was but fortunately it was just the water running. She turned off the water and went to bed. As soon as she went under the blanket she heard the sound again; ‘Drip drip’. This time it was coming from the kitchen. She ran to the kitchen and saw the tap open of the sink. She turned the water off and went again to bed until she heard ‘Drip drip’. This time it came from the entrance door. She went to the door and saw blood on the door. She heard a scream and turned around looking for what it was. Then, she got kidnapped. The husband didn’t even come back home.



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