Short Stories

by Daniel Austin


Eyes of the Wolf

It was Halloween night, and like usual I was out trick or treating with my good friend Louis. We had been around the neighborhood, amassing a fair amount of candy from nearby houses. We were starting to get tired, and were discussing going home.

“Let’s go home” said Louis in a whiny voice.

“Just one or two more houses, c’mon, it’ll be fun”, I responded, “My bag is just nearly full.”

“Ok fine, one or two more, but then I wanna go home OK?”

“Ok” I said excitedly, “Lets run to make it there faster, we should get outta here once my bag is full”

We ran up to the second last house on our block, and rang the doorbell. “Trick or treat” I shouted, trying to get the attention of anyone inside. The house was silent for a second, before there was a large thump from inside the house. Footsteps approached the door, and it was slowly opened from the inside.

There was a man standing at the door, he looked slightly dazed, and his clothes were old and run down. He looked just slightly off, but I thought nothing of it.

“Whadda ya want” he muttered

“Trick or treat!” I said joyously, trying to keep up my attitude despite the man’s response.

“Get outta here, I don’t wanna see you here no more” he muttered, “Out”

“Come on man, don’t you have any candy to give? My bag is so close to being full!” I said unhappily as he was starting to turn away. At this point my friend Louis was starting to nudge me.

“C’mon Jamie let’s just get out, he doesn’t want us here.” he whispered to me.

“No man I wanna get some candy” I responded angrily.

The man heard this and froze in his place.

He turned, his eyes bulging out of their sockets, and had become yellow, the first thing that came into my head was that they looked like wolf-eyes.

“Kids these days have no respect for their elders.” he said slowly “You shoulda listened to Louie youngster.”

“Hey how do you know his na-” I was cut off when he started to make a hissing sound at me. His face started to contort and morph, becoming wolf like and ferocious. His eyes were filled with fury. He was unrecognizable within a few seconds.

“Let’s go man. Right now.” Louis said to me. On that mark we both bolted, running straight down the street. Within seconds, the man, who looked more like a wolf now, followed.

“What the hell is going on!” I shouted to Louis who was just ahead of me.

“Just come on, my house is only about a minute away!” He growled back at me.

The wolf man behind us seemed to be slowing down, and the noise of him running behind us become lower and lower, but that didn’t stop us from running. Following Louis, I bolted up the street to his house, he had already opened the door for me and was letting me in.

“What the…” I took a deep breath, being worn out after the run, “hell… was that,” I muttered.

“Probably nothing” said Louis. “I gotta go talk to my parents.” He said, and he then walked up the stairs and was out of my sight.

Without my friend to distract me, and after regaining my breath I took a look around the house. It was dark and cold, and looked like it had been designed by people from the renaissance era, as there were painting and artwork all over the walls. It was definitely going for an old fashioned look, I thought to myself.

But then I was distracted. I heard Louis talking above me.

“I’m sorry, I forgot!” I heard him say. A deep voice, who I can only assume was his fathers replied,

“You knew where he lived, you knew what he was like. You should have stopped.”

“I’m sorry; I just didn’t think it through,”

There was a small pause, and I was listening intently.

“Well…” The deep voice responded, “What is done is done. Pack up your things. We are gone”

Louis came back downstairs after that looking depressed.

“You should go man. It’s late.”

“What is going on? Pack up? What do you mean?” I responded concerned.

“Just go man, I will explain it later. See ya around.

And so I went home. It was late, and I did not realize how tired I was after the whole endeavor, and I collapsed on the sofa, going right to sleep. In what felt like seconds, but was actually hours, I woke back up. I remembered the events of the previous night, wondering if it was just a dream. After feeling the strain on my legs when standing up, I realized that odds are it did happen, although I rationalized I was just seeing things when I imagined the man transforming. It didn’t make any sense.

After making myself some breakfast, I went out and walked to Louise’s house, to see what he was up to after the night. It was not a long ways to walk, and within about 10 minutes, I was there.

The first thing I noticed was there car was not in the driveway. In fact, nothing of theirs was in their yard. Their lights were all off as well. “How odd” I thought, but maybe they were just out of the house.

I then remembered as I was walking up to the door, his father said he would have to “Pack up”, and I started to get a little worried. I sped up and knocked quickly on the door.

No response

I knocked again, much harder, accidentally opening the door. It was not locked. I peeked inside, to find that while some of their things remained, many off the pieces of art were gone.

“Anyone here?” I shouted.

No response.

I walked down the hall when I noticed something that wasn’t there before. On the ground was a piece of paper with just the text “See ya later” on it, signed by Louise. At this point I was very confused, not quite sure what to make of the situation.

I turned the piece of paper to find a picture on the other side. It looked old, very low quality of the picture. But what I saw made everything different. It was a picture, sort of like a family portrait, of Louis, a man and a woman, who I assume were his mother and father, who were all both very large people. But that wasn’t all. The old man we saw at the house was also in the picture, posing like he was part of the family.

But the most unsettling part of the picture was a small detail, easily overlooked. All the people in the picture, including Louis, had yellow, bulging, wolf eyes. Just like the man we had seen the night before.

None of them were ever seen again.


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