by Angelica Henriksen


Fall is Fun

Fall has Halloween
When a lot of people scream.
Witches, bats and ghosts
Turn people into toasts.

Silly zombies bump their heads
While skeletons lie in beds.
Cute, silly and scary
The vampire says “ where’s my berry?”

Witches eat their evening cats.
The vampire keeps looking for the berry,
When she sees her bat with the bloody berry

Then she asks to give it back
What a bad scene it turned all black
The pumpkin laughs in a spooky way
While the child gets his parents, the candies pay

The spiders and mummies
Look for their scary buddies
When in the morning they go to bed
All the monsters are happily fed.

Poem: Angelica Henriksen, PYP 2

Drawing: Tarik Gezen, PYP 2.


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