by Muneeb Ahmad



Once upon a time, so long ago that, the devil had not passed away yet. The devil flew around inside Grandma’s house. Grandma was sleeping in her bed. The devil was invisible, he annoyed and killed people. “Now it is your turn to die” said the devil. The devils only weakness was light. In the light, the devil will lose its invisibility and die.
All of a sudden Jack came in, and turned the lights on. Then the devil flew up onto the roof so it could protect himself.

Jack asked “How are you doing?” Grandma woke up “I am fine, fresh as always!” she answered. “We have to eat breakfast now everyone is at the table except for you” Jack said. “I am coming ”grandma answered.

While everyone was eating, someone poked grandma. “Stop poking me Jerry you have to behave like your big brother Jack”. “Yes that’s right” said mom. It wasn’t me Jerry said. No one listened to him. Someone whispered in Grandmas ear “Muhahahaha soon my friend soon.” Grandma got a little bit afraid. “Let’s go to work boys, it is getting late” said mom. Mom and dad went to work while Jerry and Jack went to school.

While they were gone Grandma decided to read a book. After a while grandma fell asleep and began to dream. “Where am I” said Grandma. “You are in a big dark castle full of emptiness” said the devil and stepped forward. “What is that? A ghost ahhhh” grandma screamed and woke up. The devil was still inside Grandma. In that she woke, she fainted 1 second later. Jack came home with his brother and his parents. They realized that Grandma had fainted. They took her to the hospital and they were told that grandma was in coma…

Jack and his family got very sad after hearing the news. While mom was crying outside the room she said “let’s go home. “No we want to be here with her” said Jerry and Jack. They decided to stay at the hospital. Meanwhile the devil was inside grandma, he was enjoying their sadness. The devil has lost its invisibility and has formed into.


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