Theater Review

by Emma Simonsen


Giant Lizards and Angry Villagers

Complaining peasants, thieves and magical evil powers? The singing was so loud it could have caused the whole universe to shake, I’m just glad my air drums didn’t pop and splatter the row in front of me. The Dragon being controlled by the men in black looked like a humongous lizard suffering epilepsy, mother way it moved was stiff and robotic; a movement which flows could have been much more marvellous. There were many costumes with such bright detail and glamorous make up, to be specific, the fruity queen, but as for the knights and main characters it was a complete disaster. It looked like a 2 year old was set loose with a pair of scissors and some material to make these hideous clothing designs. The horse, the horse! The wooden pedestal horse was an absolute fail, the riding of it smashed dirty positions and preschool playtime into one giant Big Mac combo. The shadow effect was a good touch though.

The set was amazing, the transitions and timing between scenes was impeccable. The two floor structure was a great detail to add with the characters running up and down and all around. The narrow steps leading to the second floor looked quite dangerous and could have leaded the actors to their deaths with one wrong step; I just hope they were bolted in hard enough. The villagers who seemed very unhappy all the time yelled and sung with such aggression I thought my hair was going to be ripped from my head, the wind force from their mouths was incredible. The sound effects were in your face and very distracting from the show but at the same time added a little bit of glitter to compliment the realness of the play. The various exits and surprising doors were great assists and made the show even more exciting than it was in the first place. The part in which the dragon bite occurs, it looked very unrealistic. There was no bite mark and the dragon merely bumped into her and then she is suddenly crawling on the ground in indescribable pain. The expression and effort of the cast was tremendous and very well presented but at times it seemed a tiny bit too much, just some of the laughing and voicing of the evil prince and other male components. The violence and movements of body language given out was very bold and flamboyant, a lovely drizzle to the roughness of the performance.

The melody and rhythm played in the background was rather sensational and mixed well with the mood of certain situations. The instruments were selected brilliantly and complimented it’s surroundings in perfect harmony, either rumbling or intensifying the atmosphere. All in all the acting was exceptional with a need of only minor changes, some actors better than others but it seemed well rehearsed and laid out, no one looked lost or confused with anything.  The different props used were very well thought out and you could tell the director went out of their way to retrieve the exact image they imagined. The grabbing of things and small hiding places in the ground of the set were absolutely divine, everything was in time without any delays or technical difficulties. The audience seemed very engaged, it was almost as if they were in the play themselves. Clapping, cheering and loud whistles were heard both in between changing of scenes, musical numbers and the grand finale curtain cue bow. My overall opinion is that the play was a terrible but wonderful play! Many things to dislike but so many good components to balance it out, I would give it a 3.5 rating because I believe it could have been better but it was still a great performance and I would recommended it to a few people.


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