by Emma Simonsen


Healthy You: A healthy mind is a healthy body

I believe that health and fitness is important in every person’s life. ‘Everything in moderation’ is a saying that in my opinion, everyone should live by. Doing regular exercise and maintaining a balanced diet contai
ning all of the nutritious and vitamin packed foods possible, will make you feel amazing both mentally and physically.

What you put in your body is a big part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I have decided to share some healthy food blogs and exercise apps or program’s to help you either launch your new way of life or inspire you to try something new.

Note: I am not a nutritionist or qualified dietitian, these are simply the things I use to stay healthy.

Healthy Food Blogs

Note: All of these recipes will be from vegan/vegetarian sites as I am vegetarian.

My top 3:


Deliciously Ella


Deliciously Ella is probably one of the more popular healthy food blogs. The blog is indeed all plant based and for the most part gluten free. Her recipes explore exotic colours and flavours, making a whole new experience for your taste buds. All of her recipes look and most certainly taste good. The recipes are healthy and filling. I have yet to try a recipe from her blog but will do so very soon (AKA today). I recommend browsing the site and picking a few new ideas to try for when guests come or just a sneaky dinner/lunch for yourself.



Gluten Free Vegan Girl:

The link:

Gluten free vegan girl is a blog run by a 19 year old girl from Norway. All of her recipes are completely vegan and gluten free, hence the name. I find that the recipes I have tried from her blog are all delicious and healthy. There are a wide range of categories to choose from starting with drinks & dips and ending with desserts. A few of the recipes she provides are quite easy but for the most part, some skill is required and special ingredients need to be bought.


Chocolate Covered Katie:


Chocolate covered Katie is a healthy desserts blog. She provides alternate ingredient choices in her recipes, instead of sugar or unnatural sweeteners. Her recipes are not 100% healthy but much healthier than any normal recipe for a delicious dessert. I have tried several of her recipes and find them to be scrumptious, as well as being relatively easy to make. She is my go to blog if I am looking to make something dipped in chocolate or simply something nectarous.

Exercise Apps/Programs:

Here are some apps/programs to help you get started:



Nike Training:

This is a great app to train insane too in the comfort of your bedroom/living room. I have used this app a few times and it gives you a really good workout. It allows you to choose different exercise routines put together by professional personal trainers. It also let’s you choose which area of your body you want to focus on and the duration you would like your workout to be. It can be downloaded on the Apple App Store.



Pump Up:

This is a good app as well. It is very similar to the Nike Training app but is a tiny bit different. Feel free to check it out and download it on the Apple App Store.


My favourite: Blogilates

This lady is a miracle worker. Cassey Ho is a qualified personal trainer with her own website, app, sports clothing line and YouTube channel. She provides her followers with workout calendars and meal plans with the option of great advice. I love her YouTube channel and basically live by it. The Pop Pilates series that she runs is absolutely amazing and I do at least one of her videos a day. She is my favourite instructor and I 100% recommend her to anyone who asks. She has all kinds of videos from cardio to stretching exercises with different skill requirements including a large range of beginners workout videos. You can download her app on Apple App Store and share your progress with heaps of other people trying to get fit as well. Her YouTube channel is called Blogilates and her website is


Gym Membership:

You could also purchase a gym membership in a local gym facility. There are a wide number different gyms in Copenhagen so it isn’t hard to join one. Take note that you have to be 15 years old to apply for one by yourself but you can also join with one of your parents on a junior membership in some places. Browse the websites for more information.


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