Library Corner

by Emma Gyde


Library Corner

Ms. Neubert-Luckner is from Manhattan Beach California. She has an interest in art. She loves going to art museums and learning about different art creation. She worked as a librarian at the Peggy Guggeheim. She has worked at OIS since it opene. She kindly agreed to do a small interview with us for the literary magazine.

What is your favorite book from the library?
Anne of Green Gables

What age did you start Reading books?
When I was in first, second and third grade I hated reading! It felt like a chore more than a hobby. But during the fourth grade I read a series called super fudge that taught me that reading could be fun and not just a time consuming task.

What is the pirate concept?
There is a book organizing system called the Dewey Decimal System that categorizes books in different categories and then divisions. It is a complex system so small children don’t understand and show an interest in this. Therefore I have come up with the pirate concept where the children are pirates and the books are the treasure, the kids need to find the treasure “books” and that is how you engage kids into less exciting concepts.

Why do you like your favorite book?
I like Anne of Green Gables because Anne was a very strong willed girl who stood up for what she beloved in during a time period where girl where not well appreciated or had very many rights. I feel in a way I was kind of like her I stood up for what I believed in.


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