by Maya Redden



Hi, I am Maya Redden. When I was 5 and old enough to know what it meant to be homeless and poor, I went to California for Christmas and my uncle took me and my family to San Francisco to see a ballet performance, while walking there I counted 9 homeless people begging on the streets and that day I told myself I would try to give at least two dollars to any homeless person I found on the streets. It was really hard for me to keep that promise so I thought that I definitely owed them this speech to try to help them and make a difference.

Most people become homeless because they cannot pay for their homes, unemployment, illnesses, disabilities, violence and job loss. Some of these people start their life perfectly, they start and end school and then go to a university but then when they can’t find a job in their area of expertise they can’t get money which leads to all sorts of other problems and eventually they lose their homes. A man that was interviewed in 2012 had a great life and he went to a university until he was in a car crash and broke his neck. Later he could no longer pay his bill and became broke.

There are an estimated 100 million homeless people in the world and 3 million homeless in Europe. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be in a homeless persons shoes? Going to sleep on concrete or cold grass, having just a very small amount of food to eat every day , just sitting or wandering around with nothing to do, wearing the same clothes every single day, having someone totally avoid you. The majority of you would hate it being the very social people that we all are. There are also homeless children like you and I who were abandoned our thrown out of their own homes. So it is even harder for them because even most homeless grownups have gone to school but a child has not had as much experience in the world and it would be much harder to survive without a home or parents.

There are homeless people all over the world, in Australia every day 1 in every 200 people are homeless, they end up sleeping in tents or on park benches, in the United States the number of homeless people range from 600 thousand to 2.5 million, most of which are in New York, and in Denmark there are about 5000 homeless people.

We can help these homeless people just by understanding who they are, bring them food, donate your old clothes or you could join or create a club to help them. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter, or give them your recyclables which can later be turned in for money. But mainly you can educate them, like telling them about a good place to go for food or shelter, tell them how to get around or how to make their own food. There are even organizations that you can sign up for to tutor a homeless child. By helping these people it will help them in the future much more than you would think


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