Quick Writes

by Maya Redden


I wish I would know how it would be free…

I wish I knew how it would feel to be
free from worrying about my future. I
always worry and think about what it
would be like. Would I be famous or
alone. Would I have a good paying
job or would I be homeless. I also
worry about things really close in the
future like if my homework would be
good enough or when I transfer to a
new school, how will the kids find me.

If I was free from all of that i
would walk into every situation
knowing it would turn out great and I
wouldn’t be under so much stress.
I’ve always thought about what
college I would be in and whenever I
go somewhere school related I always
think I won’t be smart enough to do
the work. I often tell my self that
when I’m older I want to be known.


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