by Darpan Gautam


I’m a son of this Earth

I’m a son of this Earth
‘Been that …right from birth

Tasted the lime

Read poetry from line to line

This thing we say

We want the world to shine and that

Life is Fine just like old wine


Everything has a DEADLINE.

Look around and tell me

How is this life fine?

Bang Bang here, and Bang Bang there;

There is war everywhere

No-one Cares and No-one Dares

To ask a Question.

Corruption and Bribery..

All I hear is Politicians lying,

While they look at our eyes

With their black tie

Making us feel up high

Conflicts and Wars

Aids and Ebola

Kidnapping and Sex Abuse

Destruction and shortage of resources

Poverty and Hunger



Every day you wait is

Another day you waste

Listen to me, I need to talk to you;
Be a masterpiece
A blank canvas, if you please
be your artist and paint you a dream
you might burn inside, try not to scream

As Michael Jackson said

“Heal the world, make it a better place

Try this and try that

This is the 21. Century

We can find what we are looking for on Google,

We can follow our dreams on Twitter

Picture our future on Instagram

And accept destiny on Face book.

Failure or Success


I will come back and take another look.


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