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by Gaby Neubert-Luckner


Inspiration for Writing Found in the ØIS

The Østerbro International School library opened in February 2012 with just under 1000 books. We now have over 2,500 and we are growing! I am very proud to say that our students are excellent readers and they are always hungry for new books. Thanks to the PTA fundraising efforts and the schools agreement to match the funds raised, the library will have several more books available to the students in the new school year! Great readers make great writers and since this is what the ØISIE Student Literary Magazine is all about, I thought I would highlight some of the books we have in our school library about writing.
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There are several stories about writing, author Marc Brown’s Arthur Writes a Story is about how Arthur tries to write a story but finds it difficult when he takes his inspirations from others suggestions. He finds he can’t include all his friends’ fantastic suggestions into one story and eventually finds inspiration in his own. A similar book is The Best Story by Eileen Spinelli with illustrations by Anne Wilsdorf, where the protagonist is trying to write stories with elements of what other people like but finds that the best story comes from the heart. New to the library is a book called Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk. The story is about a little mouse that lives in a library. Inspired by the books he reads at night, he writes his own story.

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He eventually gets visitors to the library to write their own stories too in a very clever and imaginative way. I can’t wait to read this to the students in the Fall!

There are of course more mechanical books about writing which I think will help students with their writing construction, punctuation and style. In the book, How to Write Your Life Story by Ralph Fletcher the author shares his experience about writing his own autobiography. It’s a great book to help get kids started with the best material they have – their own lives! Eats, shoots & leaves: why, commas really do make a difference! by Lynne Truss is taken from the highly successful book for adults and made suitable for children. It’s a fun and entertaining approach to punctuation, an otherwise tedious subject. Other books on the mechanics of writing include, Punctuation! by Mary Budzik; illustrated by Simon Basher and Kids Write Right! What you need to be a writing powerhouse by Jan Venolia. I hope these books will not only inspire the students to write, but also help them with the more practical aspects of writing and I hope one day their stories, poems and essays will be on the library shelves!


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