by Dmytro Chupryna



This is Ivan. He is 14 years old. He is from Russia. He was born on 30th of May, 2000. He loves handball. His favourite animal is panther. Ivan loves to eat potato. His favourite place is Saint Petersburg. His favourite lesson is art. His favourite book is Sorcerers Ring and the author is Morgan Rise. He likes water slides. Ivan´s favourite shoes company is ECCO. Ivan likes the car company BMW. His favourite place in the world is ´´ home´´. He has a brother whose name is Danil. His parents’ names are Elena and Nicolay. Ivan likes the movie, Harry Potter. He wants to be an actor. He has a bike.  He wants to change world by more economy. . He wants to have a ship. He is not Muslim. He is not vegetarian. Ivan doesn’t like school so much. He likes to invent. His favourite computer game is War Craft 3.


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