My very own story no image

by Melisa Inal


My Autobiography

My name is Melisa Inal. I am 10 years old and my height is 154-156cm. I come from Turkey but I was born in Denmark. I live in Denmark. My house is in Frederiksberg which is a place in Copenhagen. I want to go to Spain, Germany, Ankara and Arabia because I want to explore more things. I have been to Istanbul, Bozcaada and Konya. I like going to different kind of countries. I want to learn more languages. I want to learn Spanish, Arabic, Germany and Japanese. My favorite fruit is mango. My eyes are brown and my hair is black and dark brown. My skin is light and I look like a person from Turkey. I have a mom and dad. I have a sister and a brother too. My sister’s name is Hafsa and my brohter’s name is Mesih. My brother is 14 years old and my sister is 21 years old. My favorite animal is a cat.


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