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by Sunrise Hvidtfeldt de Jesus


My best friend

Last year my mom signed me up to be on a waiting list for get a friend in a club, “Senior Best Friend”. -An old man as a friend? How am I supposed to play with him? It is going to be too boring, I thought.
He is now my special friend. He is not a common friend as you would expect, because I am a twelve year old boy and he is 77 years.

My best friend is very special because he inspires me a lot and allowed me to inspire him too. He is older than me by age, but not in his spirit. He still is full of energy and loves to go out and have fun with me.  We have been in Tivoli, at the cinema and so on. He teaches me so many things (to prepare a fish and make the table read to lunch).


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  1. et@oeis.dk' Elizabeth Toran says:

    Hello Sunrise!
    This is such a great experience! Thank you for sharing it here.
    You should invite him to see your school one day.
    You could come and read a story to Prep and he could meet the youngest, cutest kids at school. 😉
    -Ms. Toran

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