My very own story

by Jeremiah Nyancho


My Life Story

My life story is very fun and international. My name is Jeremiah, I come from Kenya and I am 12 years old. I have 2 parents and 3 siblings. My 2 older siblings are in Kenya. My parents, sister and I live in Denmark in the north of Europe. I have a nice family. We help each other at home by cooking, making lunch, washing the dishes and cleaning the house. We also have family time from Friday at 18:00 until Saturday at 18:00. During family time we rest together, we talk and have some fun.

I will now talk about the places I have lived. I have lived in 4 different places. I was born in Kenya; I stayed in Kenya for a while. From Kenya I moved to Holland. I moved to a city called Rotterdam in Holland. I liked Holland because the schools were close to our home. But what I didn’t like was that not so many people were nice. For example, they didn’t help when we asked for help to find places. I had nice friends to play with in Rotterdam.

When I was 6 years old I moved to Copenhagen in Denmark. At the start we stayed in a hotel. At the very beginning I felt like I wanted to go back to Kenya.I didn’t want to move. The hard part was packing. When I had to say goodbye it was ok but when my sister had to say goodbye, she cried. At the start in Copenhagen, it was hard taking trains to school because I was learning how to take a train. Now I am 12 years old, soon 13 in 4 months, and I like it in Copenhagen. The people are helpful. I like the friends here, they are nice. I think it is a nice thing to move around. When I am older and I have a job, I want to travel all around the world. I especially would like to live in Rio.

My two main interests are sports and electronics. My favorite sports are basketball, football and swimming. When I was 6 I liked football, then when I was 11 years old I liked swimming and now that I am 12 I started to like basketball. Sports make me who I am. I used to go to a swimming club and it was hard from the beginning. Swimming is hard because it is hard to cope with others who are good and fast. I used to play on a football team and it was hard to cope with the good footballers. It was boring without activities. I hope I join a new football club. I play basketball during breaks and PE time and I want to keep playing these sports in the future. My favorite electronics are IPad, WII and Nintendo DS. I like these because they are fun. I use my IPad for email and games. Electronics are part of my daily life.

In conclusion my life is being active and having fun. My family is important to my life. I like that my family are around the world. I have enjoyed moving to different places. The hard thing is to say goodbye to friends. I feel I have a lot of interests. I hope you enjoyed my life story.


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