by Christian Sorensen


My sister’s birth

”Ding,” exclaimed the elevator to inform us that we were at our selected level. I slowly stepped out of the giant elevator and started making my way to the room, staying right behind my sister and grandmother. I could hear my shoes creaking as I increased the tempo, as I couldn’t wait to see my new born sister. As I peeked around the corner I could see my dad opening the huge door extremely quiet not to make my exhausted mom annoyed of all the noises. My sister and I skipped happily to the door as my dad announced my little sisters name.”Mathilde,” he whispered, and then I thought, ‘That’s a pretty name,’ but I had to see her to see if she looked like the beautiful name. The door swooshed open as I pushed it with all my might. I tip-toed over to the bed where my mom and sister lay.

There she was, with her small eyes and lips, reflecting what was in front of her like a crystal clean mirror. I peeked over at my mom who was almost asleep because of her exhaustion. Then I stepped back to let my sister and grandmother look at my admirable new born sister. My proud dad walked over to them and talked about how the birth went and the long wait for it to happen. At the corner of my eye I spotted a huge window. I could see the parking lot and the beautiful lake some 700 meters away. ”It’s a beautiful view from up here,” I told my dad. In that split second my big sister crept over to me to admire it as well. The sun was bearing down on us, and it was becoming very hot because of the midsummer warmth. There were only a few clouds and they were as thick as cotton candy. I could honestly have eaten them. I took a seat in a small couch right in front of us, and then my dad asked if we wanted to hold our little sister. ”Yes!” We both exclaimed very excitingly.

”Okay, but be very careful.” He scooped her up like an ice cream spoon peeling up the ice cream, and then handed her over to us. She had a minute pink blanket over her to protect her from the cold air around her. I started rocking her back and forth as she was becoming uncomfortable. I looked at her miniature fingers, slowly coming to a rest as she calmed down. Without notice I handed her over to my excited sister.

After a minute or so, there was a knock on the door. Who could it be? Friends and family? My dad crept towards the door very quiet, and opened the creaking door. In a split second I knew who it was. It was my whole family! Uncles, aunts, grandfather and cousins. I flew up from my chair to say hello. The next thing I know is someone calling my name. It’s my dad’s sister that has a something in her hands, a gift. It must be to me I thought as I hurried over to her. It was. I ripped off the paper like a mad man and then I saw a toy airplane. It was an old fighter aircraft. It looked like a Spitfire and it was so breathtaking. I gave her a big hug and began playing with it. From that day on I have loved having a little sister, and I will definitely for the rest of my life.


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