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by Emma Gyde


News from ØIS Library

Anatomy of a book:

In the library there is a section telling you all the different parts of a book. This mostly applies to the non fiction books. For example where the index is, table of contents, e.t.c. This will help kids gain instructions and will also be entertaining. This is really important if you are doing a research or if you need to write a biography. It helps you get familiar with the books and, where you can find that information that you need for your research.


Spring cleaning of your book collection:

If you have any old books in good condition you can donate them to the library, they would be greatly appreciated. If you have any old books in really poor condition you can find ways into making them art. You can find inspiration on the Internet and on the World Book. You can make small crafts and lastly you can recycle them in the recycling bin as a last resort..


Any changes in the library:

No physical changes to the library, granting that the library has recently subscribed to World Book. They offer articles, videos, and history timelines, it’s basically an encyclopedia with a lot more to offer. The World Book will help you gain information easier.


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