Library Corner

by Sheida Joderi


Østerbro Public Library

For MYP2 English class we decided to go to Østerbro Bibliotek for a field trip accompanied by MYP1, there we where taught about the Danish library system. The teachers that accompanied us on the field trip are Ms. Uttental the MYP English teacher, Ms. Güvenc the MYP math teacher and deputy head and lastly Ms. Gaby our school librarian.

To kick of the day we started at our very own school library where Ms. Gaby talked to us a little about our own library and the different selection of books we have. We hopped on the bus and drove to the public library. There we where told a short introduction of the library and how all the books where placed and organized. Then she moved onto checking out books, first of all to do that you need a library card, then you can check out a certain amount of books but only for a month or else you will be charged with a fine.

After the explanation our skills where put to the test with a treasure hunt. We where put into groups and needed to search the library for the books on our list, it was a good game because it go us all involved with finding the books and it wasn’t a boring experience. When we where all finished with the game we had some time to browse around while some people got their library cards. After the day was done we drove.


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