Short Stories

by Anouk Blanchett



DSC_8802While Radar was on his nightly run he heard a scream. He knew right away it was feminine, from its high pitched screech. Radar’s Mother always told him that a girl scream could never be good, and his instincts told him to follow it.

As Radar got closer he heard muffled cries. When he reached the girl he told her that everything was all right, and asked what her name was. “Persephone,” she whispered. As a reply he said, “What a pretty name. What happened here?” It probably only took seconds for her to reply, but it felt like Melancia. While he waited he looked at his surroundings. Three daggers, three veils of what look like poison, and an abandoned warehouse.

“The man with the purple eyes,” she finally whispered. A man with purple eyes, could such a thing ever occur?

Unless… No, that could not happen; I watched his corps burn three years ago. Radar suddenly remembered something he had been trying to suppress for ages now.

The man who he had known as a father when he was younger. The man who tried to murder Radar’s entire family. The man who told Radar he was different. The man he despised the most. The man with the purple eyes.

“It can’t be Tomas,” Radar whispered.

“I’m so sorry.” Persephone said, as a single tear escaped from her right tear duct. Again he did what his instincts told him to do. He grabbed a dagger and guarded himself, from a fight yet to come with his father.

Tomas said. “My son! Alas we are reunited…”

“No!” Radar flung towards Tomas, dagger in hand. He heard a crunch. That’s when he felt real pain, a pain he had never felt.

“DO NOT THINK YOU CAN STOP ME…. I loved your mother; I did not mean to hurt her. You were just a mishap, not meant to happen. Well I suppose a little blood could not damage anything.” Tomas said finishing with a grin. Just then Radar flung up like a cat, ignoring everything in the entire universe, including the fiery pain in his side . He plunged the dagger towards Tomas’ heart, but merely nicked his flesh making a shallow grave. Radar grinned, because he saw blood trickling down his father’s side.

“ I like you, out of all my sons you are the only one that has the guts to try to hurt me. Even though you know I heal at the speed of lightning.” Argh I forgot, Radar thought. “What can’t you do?” Radar glared Tomas in the eye, wondering about many things that have to do with his father. “Ahh! That question pops up in a lot of my conversations lately. I can’t knit, tried knitting a sweater. Turned into a hat with two sleeves on either side. I also do not know how to pay taxes, tricky little monster. All those numbers. Me and my mathematical issues.” Tomas chuckles. Really? Finally he has a weakness. Radar decides to bring up numerous numbers, hoping to distract him enough to run away. “Well if you round up forty-eight to the nearest ten you get 50…. Than you get sixty-eleven-”

“Wait did you just say sixty-eleven? I might have failed math, but I know for a fact that sixty-eleven is not a number! What game are you playing boy?!?” Uh oh. What should I say, what should I say? Radar asked himself. “There is a fifty percent chance that I am not lying. I also know that there is a half chance that you are, so I think that we are a hundred percent chance I should run.” Radar raced back towards the direction he originally came from.

When Radar reached his house, he immediately called for his mom.

“Honey, what’s the problem?” his mom Melancia said.

“He is back…” Before Radar could see his moms face she told him to get his emergency bag, and start the car.

When he got his bag he went to the garage and found the car on fire and Melancia on the ground. He dropped his bag and raced to his mother’s side. “I’m fine” she murmured. “Run and don’t turn bac-”

“NO! Mom…. The last time that happened… mom? M-mom!? No mom, wake up! Wake up… I can’t lose you, as he checked her heart rate and found none, he heard a vehicle.


When Radar woke up he heard sirens driving towards his direction, and he passed out again.

When Radar woke up again he cried out in pain, and realized he was on an operating table in a hospital.

“Shhh, you’re going to be all right.” A nurse said. “What happened?” Radar could barely say.

“Hi I’m Eliana. We don’t exactly know what happened, but when our rescue team got to your house, it was on fire.” Eliana said, sounding grim. “Wait, what about my mom?” Before Eliana replied she injected a needle into his neck.

Radars best friend told him that when you are sleeping you are half concise. Radar felt as if he was all the way concise.  He heard everything everyone said. Currently they were talking about the Yankees’ game, while listening to Miley Cyrus’ new hit. Radar tried so hard to open his eyes, but they wouldn’t budge, no part of his body would move.

“What did Eliana inject him with? At this rate he will be lucky if he wakes up in about a week.” said a doctor with a grouchy male voice. ‘A week?’ Radar thought.

“One, Eliana just injected him with the wrong serum. Two, I heard the police say they found explosives outside the house in some bushes, someone is in trouble.” said a feminine voice.

“Whoopy! Kyle our little girl Eve here actually listened to someone, I mean for once.” The grumpy voice said sarcastically.

“Al!!” Eve Shouted playfully. “ Eve, what’s up with the music?” Kyle said.

“I happen to like this music, Kyle. You are going to have to get used to it, but for you I guess I can change it’ Just this once.” exclaimed Eve. The music turned to ‘Centuries’ by the Fallout Boy.

“Kyle!! His heart rate decreasing, amazingly fast.” Al screamed. All three of them rushed to Radars side.

Radar did not want to have help. He accepted death. He decided to let go.  No one can stop him. Yet there was a little part of him screaming at him to keep on fighting and live, but he fought those thought away. He wanted to die.

“Stay in there,” Eve whispered into my ear. “No” Radar thought.

Everyone told him that before your life leaves your body, your whole life flashes in front of you, but that never happened. He kept thinking about her, only met her once. Despite that he noticed her pure beauty, he noticed everything about her. How when she laughs she gets dimples like none other.  When she got nervous she would hide behind her raven colored hair. Her hazel eyes, her everything. It is her that, won’t let me cross over or whatever it is called. I can’t leave without saying goodbye.

They asked me who I wanted to call I told them to get Skylar Frey here. They fulfilled my promise.

“Goodbye, Radar…” Radar never heard her tell him, that it was okay to let go. He never found out whether his mother died. He never said goodbye.

To be continued…


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