by Mona Meshal


Speech to the Oppressed: Mona Meshal

Women worldwide, how many of you have freedom?
How many of you have the power to do what you want?
How many of you are alive?
How many of you can say “I am human?”
“I am living life without getting controlled.”
“I am free to do what I want.”
“I am not being looked down on.”
Are you all happy with your leaves?
How many times do you think you get to leave?
Once, life is only once.

Girls around the world cannot go to school. You know why? Because they are girls!
Why? Don’t girls have brains? Don’t they understand?
Why is it that boys can go learn at school while girls can’t?
Why, aren’t they both human?
Don’t they both have a soul?

Boys aren’t better than girls, and I’m not saying that girls are better than boys. No, they are both equal. We are all equal.
So, what is it that makes males better than females?
Can you think of anything? Because I can’t.

Many people are having the wrong view of Islam because of how many Muslim women are terribly oppressed.
You women, who are not allowed to vote, who are not allowed to work, who are not allowed to drive, who are not allowed to leave the country without permission from a male guardian.
Then what are you allowed to?
Sit at home cook and clean?
Is this how you are going to spend the rest of your life?
At home?

This is not Islam. You are Muslims, and this is not Islam.
This is not what God taught us!
God doesn’t say, take away all women rights.
He doesn’t say, make a women powerless.
And he doesn’t say, that a woman isn’t allowed to stand up for her rights.


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