by Sofi Mendez


Speech to the Oppressed: Sofi Mendez

Cubans! You want your freedom and you want something done about that. But here is the problem. You can’t have freedom without a revolution against the oppressing system, but without a sense of bravery, you can’t rebel. But what is bravery without truth? You need to tell yourself the truth and the truth is that you are waiting for someone, for an angel, to come and save you from that hell full of its fallen brothers and sisters. You want the fighter to have some empathy for you, but what is empathy but the hope of someone to come and save you from your own mess. And what is that person without compassion or without a feeling of caring? What would happen if the people that help you get these luxuries disappeared? To be honest, you will be doomed like the Romans were doomed centuries ago.

Right know you are like a strong flower which is dancing all over, waiting to get what it needs; but is soon bound to get pulled off the ground. But there you are, trusting these strangers to pick you up every time you fall, even though they could leave you and let you to burn and rust whenever they want! Whenever they get tired of saving you or maybe they don’t have any more to give, they will just leave you, because you are not important to them. You are just an advantage, an advantage they could get rid of.

That’s why I say it is time to act know that the oppressing system isn’t strong. The people of Cuban society are hungry for a change and thirsty for a better life. It’s human nature to back down to safety when the road gets tough and the system puts rules and consequences. But I say that we should break that pattern, because it’s about time that we break the rules and be brave and demand our freedom and equality.

I pledge towards the women in white asking for their freedom and their husbands and family to start this revolution. I pledge towards all workers that have gone hungry for days because even if you worked and studied and have a career, you are still living the worst life without enough food to give to your kids. You only get twenty dollars a month. I pledge to the kids to go to the Manecon and stare at the sea wondering what is out there. I pledge to artists that don’t have a chance to show the world their magic or that can’t get a better job overseas. I pledge to the people that ended up in jail because they went to a beach for tourists. And I pledge to all of youbecause you have lived this life, but we are strong know!

So I say we pick up our flags and posts. I say we march down the hot streets of Havana. I say we break the unreasonable rules. I say we should read from the newspaper of other countries. I say we learn from and start respecting the Yankees. I say we fight for the freedom to pick the system we need and we want. So help me, even if you think that I’m crazy for asking this, because I am not going to wait! Are you going to wait for them to come or are you going to act know?

You are probably asking, Who is this girl to talk for us? Who is this Latina here for? But I have lived like you. I have walked like you. I have felt your pain. I have listen to you. You might still think that I am crazy but I have seen how you live and the things that you are missing because of your life style. Many of you want to know more – more countries, more culture – but you can’t because of how you are living. I have felt your pain. I have walked with you side to side and I have fought


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