by Liban Fararex


Speech to the Oppressed: Liban Fararex

Welcome brothers and sisters I have come here before you to talk about our fellow people being cut down like trees in the Amazon rainforest, and to talk about the lives that could change Somalia. If we continue slaughtering our people like animals at a slaughter house we will soon fade away and no one will see what our people could have achieved.
I have come here before you because I know I am in the right position to talk about our people being slaughtered like meat. Even though I have never been to Somalia doesn’t mean I can help my country change forever. I cannot sleep knowing that I could have been the change that our country needs, the Change that could determine the course of our beautiful nation and the same change that could help millions people.
I have come here before you to say that if we don’t make a change now our country will never develop because the people that could change our nation forever are immigrating because it’s not safe because we don’t have good schools because we don’t have unity.

I have come here to talk to you about how I imagine this country will be like in the future. I imagined a country full of hope and unity I imagined a country that could achieve anything that they wanted but this won’t happen until we join forces and face our problems together.
I have come here before you to talk about the problems our great nation is in a deeper hole than the black hole because there is no hope and if there is no hope change is impossible. We will need to rise up against dictators that want to control our every move, we will need to rise up against poverty, we will need to rise up against piracy in order for this to happen we will need to unite.
I have come here before you to talk about a vision I had for the future of Somalia; a future as bright as the sun; a future where our kids can live without worrying about clean water, where our kids don’t worry about school, where our children don’t worry about food.


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