by Maya Redden


The Fox and the robins

A long time ago when the animals ruled the earth there were two groups. The land animals and the birds. Once a year, the land animals leader, the Tiger, challenged the birds to a race to see who was more powerful. Every year the the game ends in a tie. But this year a group of land animals had a nasty plan. The day before the race the Fox, the leader of the group, went and scattered seeds around the forest where the birds lived.

On the morning of the race all of the birds in the race flew down to the ground to eat the seeds, unaware of the fact that the Fox had soaked them in poison. Later down at the race, the Falcon, the Eagle, and the Sparrow we’re getting ready to defeat their challengers, the Fox, the Cheetah and the Horse.

“On your marks, Get set, GO!!” They were off with the birds in the lead. Suddenly the Sparrow dropped out of the sky like a stone. The other animals just thought he got tired but the fox knew that the poison was starting to work. One kilometer later, the Falcon dropped out. The Eagle started getting worried but he just kept flying, determined to win the race. Right when they were by the forest where the all of the bird lived, the Eagle fainted from the poison and fell into a tree. The Eagle, being one of the biggest birds, caused the tree to fall into another tree, which fell into another tree, and then, as the trees kept falling into each other until all but one tree in the forest was on the ground. Slowly all of the birds, that had been in the trees, came out from the rubble. That’s when the yelling started. Every bird blaming the land animals.

The Fox saw how much trouble he had caused and he started to feel bad. He went up to the Tiger and told him all about his plan. The Tiger was outraged and he had the Fox banished. After that, the Tiger agreed to have all of the other land animals help rebuild the forest, but some of the birds were not so sure they wanted the land animals help because after all is was a land animal who started the whole thing in the first place. The birds who didn’t want the land animals help decided to go find another forest to live in.

There was one family of Robins who had always been friends with the land animals and they knew that they weren’t all bad. They stayed in the forest until the whole thing was rebuilt. Two months later the forest was rebuilt and it was even better than it was before. Another month later all of the birds who had decided to find a new forest, came back to report that they had not found any other forest. When they got back, they were overwhelmed with the new forest that they all decided to move back and the Robins who had stayed, became the new leaders of the birds because they always seemed to know what was best.


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