Travel Note

by Melisa Inal



Melissa Inal


7th of May 2014 (Wed.)


Yesterday our class went to Statens Museum for Kunst. We left school at 9 a.m. It took us about 20 minutes to walk to the museum. There was a park so we could have played in the park for about 10 minutes. We saw different animals in the park, such as birds, dogs and squirrels. There was also a lake and a lot of trees.

When we arrived to the museum, there was a woman, who guided us and showed us some sculptures. There were two sculptures next to each other, connected by a metal chain. The theme was friendship. One of the sculptures was made out of plaster and the other one was made out of concrete. I really enjoyed the sculptures.

Karen (the tour guide) showed us fine granite rocks that were meant to look like animals and they do! Karen thought they were good friends because they were all together. In my opinion they weren’t good friends, because they weren’t facing each other.

Later we went to a workshop. We had to make 2 sculptures about friendship. We could use a lot of materials, such as clay, cloth, sticks, feathers, yarn, cotton, wire and a lot more.

Not everyone could finish their sculpture but we still had to explain what we made. Some people made two feet next to each other that had got friends. I liked to be in the workshop because it was fun but some people got their fingers burnt because of a glue gun.

My friend Sonia made a sculpture of a woman. She was meant to make one more but she ran out of time. Prynze made a long and skinny man, and next to him, was a another sculpture that was fat and short. The two sculptures were connected by a golden chain and they were camping. When the time was up, everyone had to show and tell what they had made. After we were done making sculptures in the workshop, we had to go back to school.

On our way back, we went to Østre Anlæg (the same park we went to, when we were going to the museum.) We ate lunch at the park and then we played for about 15 min. As we were going to school, it started raining. We took our sculptures with us at home. When we came to school, the bell rang and we all went home. I like everything, especially the rain.


Fatima Qayyum


7th of May 2014 (Wed.)


We went to a museum. It was called Statens Museum for Kunst. We went walking to Østerport, we stopped at the park, and then ate our snack. After snack we played a little in the park. We went in partners. I saw water lilies and nature flowers. We took pictures of them. There we saw birds, and then we walked to the museum. I loved to walk, because it gives exercise to me.

We arrived to the museum, but we had to wait 5 minutes for the museum to open. We had a tour guide, her name was Karon. I really liked her, because she showed us around. My favorite picture was a portrait. I didn’t hate any pictures at all. They had some rules in the museum. We used our imagination – it was fun! I liked the portrait, because it showed his family.

After we had seen all the paintings and sculptures, we went to the workshop. We had to make different sculptures. I made a rabbit and a rabbit alien. They were connected. If I had a chance to finish my sculpture, I would have made a tree. They had pop sticks, cloth and Styrofoam sticks. After we were done, we told stories about our sculptures we had done in the workshop. After we went out of the workshop and had our sculptures, we could have bought anything, if we had money.

We went back to school. First we went through the park. We could have played a little. We ate lunch. Then we walked to Østerport, came back to school. While we were walking, rain came! We arrived at school, watched Bee movie. The bell rang, that meant it was time to go home. It was fun, I wanted to go again!


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