Book Review

by Zoha Ahmed


The Railway Children

This story is about a family. They celebrate Peter´s birthday party but suddenly the father has to live the house for a while. The children asked their mother about their father. And mother told them that they need to live in the country side. When they reached to their new house, they found a railway line. They waved to the passengers. One old gentleman waved them back. They lived a very poor life there. Then, mother was ill and they had no money to buy medicines. They  wrote a letter to the man that they waved to and he sent them the medicines. However, the mother was furious. They were trying to make their mother happy.  Suddenly rocks, trees, grasses, bushes and earth blocked the railway track. They  made flags with their lives. The railway company rewarded the children each with a gold watch. Then an old gentleman gave them the news that their father was in the jail for telling country´s secrets to enemies.


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