My very own story

by Dua Iqbal Parvez


The Secret Door

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Emily. She lived with her parents in a small little house. Her family was a little poor but not that much. One day, while Emily was playing with her doll she accidently threw it in the wall and suddenly the wall began to open. She could not believe her eyes. She got a little scared but didn’t start to yell. She wanted to keep this a secret. She always dreamed of having a new adventure so she went inside. She could not believe her eyes when she saw fairies flying around. Some of the fairies were working and the little ones were playing. And at that moment she saw the most beautiful fairy that looked like a 12-year-old girl just like Emily was. Emily forgot about everything she had seen and just wanted to be her friend but she couldn’t just go and say hello because she was a fairy and Emily was a human. She thought that the fairy might get scared but she always wanted a best friend so she went to say hello to her. The fairy got a little scared but she couldn’t believe her eyes that a real human talked to her. The fairy said hello back to Emily, the fairy asked Emily how did she find the fairy world. Emily told the whole story about how did she

find the fairy world. When she was finished the whole story she asked the fairy what was her name. The fairy said her name was Emma and asked ‘what’s yours?’ Emily told her name.
Emily and Emma talked and talked. When Emily remembered that it had been an hour since she was in the fairy land. Emily thought her parents might be worried about her so Emily told Emma that she needed to go home and she would meet her the other day. And that is how the days went. Emily would always go to the fairy world and meet Emma. And soon the whole fairy world new about Emily and they were not scared of her. They treated her like a fairy. But one day it all turned out the other way. While Emily’s was mom cooking in the kitchen, the oven caught fire. Since the whole house was made out of wood, so the house burned down very quickly. The family didn’t have anywhere to live in. Emily had to tell her secret about the secret door to save herself and her parents. she showed them the way to the fairy world. she throw a piece of wood to the wall and the wall began to open. her parents could not believe it. Emily ran to Emma and told her what happened Emma got upset about the burned house very much. Emily asked Emma if she and


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