Book Review

by Selma Liise Erkut


The Snowy Day

One day, a boy named Peter, woke up and looked out of the window. He saw snow! He wanted to go outside. When he took the first step, he just wanted to try more steps like penguins and then the other way! Then he stepped so s l o w l y, and tried to make tracks. Then he saw something that he could do more tracks. He saw a stick. He just smacked a snow-covered tree with the stick. Then snow fell on his head, but he just con-tinued the journey. After a while he saw older boys. They were playing. Peter wanted to play with the boys but knew that he was too young to play, so he made a smiling snowman and snow angles. Then he imag-ined that he was a mountain-climber and chose a great and snowy mountain and climbed all the way up and then slid all the way down. He made a snowball. He put that snowball in his pocket for the next day.

Then he went to his house. He told his mom what he did during the day when his mom was taking his clothes off. And he thought what he made in the morning. Just before he climbed on his bed, he looked in his pocket but the snowball wasn’t there. He felt upset. In his dream he saw the sun out and there was no snow. But then he woke up and looked at the window, there was still snow! After breakfast he called his friend and they played with snow all day.


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