Picture Story

by Zaahid Asvat


The story of Luke and Amalie at the house

Luke and Amalie were soaking up the sun, playing in the water.

Luke loved splashing everyone. Luke was taking Amalie deeper into the water and they were having a great time. They had all sorts of toys like water guns, goggles, balls and rackets.

They felt a little hungry and came in for a snack! Mum gave them two brightly coloured towels to dry up. “Oh yum! Lemonade and cookies, what a treat!” said Luke.

Then they ran to the sandpit as Amalie loved making sand castles and mermaids.

They fetched a bucket of water and built a huge sand castle. It looked beautiful and Luke loved it. Just then Dad came home and he brought them their own surprise present. Luke got a new football and Amalie got the book she always wanted. They both loved their gifts they had received.

Amalie read her book and explained it to Luke. Luke wanted to read the book after she was completed reading. Luke‘s ball was authentic. That day was the best day of their life!


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