Short Stories

by Zayyana Asvat


The Titanic

Once there lived a girl named Amalie and her friend Chloe. Emilie and her family were going on the titanic for a holiday. The family got to go on the titanic. They got an extra ticket for Chloe. The Titanic was the best ship they had ever been on! The titanic was very beautiful. The first night it was very bumpy, then it was dinner. Everyone was getting dressed for dinner.

There was a big iceberg right in front of the ship. The captain didn’t see it. Everyone was sat at their places. Then the ship hit the iceberg. CRASH! The iceberg hit it really hard. No one knew what was going on. There was a big hole in the titanic and a few small ones. The captain saw the hole but didn’t tell anybody. He jumped out on a boat. No one ever saw him again. The water was coming into the titanic, 74 people died that night.

Then people found out there was a hole in the ship. Some people fell out of the titanic. Emilie’s family died. Everyone was in the ice cold water, there where pieces of iceberg everywhere. Emilie and Chloe were in the freezing water. Chloe saw a piece of the iceberg and let Emilie float on it. Chloe died in the freezing water. A lifeboat came and took Emilie in their boat. Emilie cried so much she did not say a word. She got home and had to live with her grandmother. She always remembered that night. She had to make new friends. After a while she was happy again. She always thought of her family and her friends.  985 people died in total.


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