Short Stories

by Anouk Blanchett



Sequel to Reunited: (published  in  ØISIE, Autumn 2014)

The first thing Radar Distinguished was faint voices. Without even hearing the conversation, he knew immediately that these voices were talking about him. When the voices became clearer, his smell came back. This smell could probably be the worst smell in the entire universe.
It smelt as if there were many things in the room rotting, plus a smell even stronger than the rott. It was the smell of blue cheese (Radar thinks that the worst thing in the world is blue cheese. Ever since he saw, tasted and smelt blue cheese it became his worst fear).
“ Tomas…. No we can’t, we promised his mother a long time ago….. Fine………. Radar….. Alright I’ll see if he is up.”
As Radars senses started to come back, he started to become scared. He didnt want to be scared though. He wanted to man up, and try to move. With all of Radars might, he was able to flutter his eyelids.
It was a huge mistake though, the brightness blinded him. With that he decided not to open his eyes, until he was instructed to.
“ Flo come quick! He’s moving, what do I do? This is my first uncaging you know.” said the voice who spoke just a while ago. Radar quickly became confused, the word uncaging kept racing through his brain.
“ Daniel we all know that, you have been bragging about it for hours! To everyone might I add.” Flo said, emphasizing the word all.
Over some time Radar was able to make out a few words, which mostly included, uncaging, his mom, small groans and something about pizza.
“He is a funny little fellow, better than all the others…” A third voice said.
“What are you talking about?” Radar yelled when he managed to get enough strength, and 24 eyes were staring at him.
“Our little boy is up Isobel.” said a sharp looking man, he was about 35. He had dark brown hair, and hazel eyes just like radar and he was probably 5.4 feet tall.
What made him the most interesting out of everybody was that he called him “our little boy”.
“What are you talking about? You are not my father!” Radar demanded.
“Radar, you will find out many things while you are here. Your old life was full of lives. You belong here. I am your Mother Isobel and fine man is your father James.” said a beautiful woman, with long wavy raven black hair. A silky blue ombre dress that falls elegantly to the floor, green/blue eyes, rosy cheeks and dark red lips.
“Flo, would you please be a dear and take radar to his room?” asked Isobel. A girl who I presume is Flo takes me to a huge room embroidered in gold everywhere, and at the far wall you can see a mosaic of an angel. There is a balcony thats shows many snowy white mountains, a desk with the latest electronics and one king sized bed at the eastern corner.
“ Would you like anything?” asks Flo.
“ No thank you,” responds Radar.
“Dinner is in an hour and if you need anything don’t come to me. I am not a servant.” She says rather rudely.
“Thanks?” mumbles Radar questionly.
With that Flo exits they premises, when she is all the way down the hallway he acts rather childish and leaps on the huge bed.
“Ouch!” Exclaims Radar for he has fallen of the bed with a loud thud. A servant at the age of 16 races into the room while saying, “ are you okay your majesty,” with a bow. Radar was confused, because the girl said ‘your majesty’ and he knew that he could never be royal.
“Why would you say your majesty? I am not royal in any way. I am a unordinary teenage boy who comes from California. I have a best friend named Isaac and I go to Harvard because my teachers say I’m brilliant, nothing about me is royal. I should be working for royal people instead of having people work for me.”

“The things you just mentioned are you past; you must accept your fate. You are our new king.” says the servant girl who suddenly vanishes, everything vanishes.

Radar woke up with a terrible dream, a dream that shows everyone is must more important than they think.
After thinking about his dream he decided to go on a run. While he was running he heard a female scream, just like in his dream…



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