by Ivan Petrov


Winter city: Saint Petersburg

All I can say is that it is magnificent in winter. If you haven’t been there then go there.

First of all there is a lot of snow.
I recommend living somewhere close to the metro, but away from the center. It is much better at the end of the city. But be ready to have to be in the trains squished and for a long time. If you compare it to Copenhagen it’s about two-three times as big. So it’s pretty normal to be on the train for two hours. I recommend on going and spending the New Year there. It would be very interesting to be there for someone who was never in a big city. But be very careful, people are not that friendly. And also there are a lot of drunk people outside. I’m not saying that you should consider every single person an alcoholic. But on the new year everyone drinks. So again, be careful.

You will also see a lot of fireworks outside. Millions of them. Also in Russia it’s more of new year then Christmas. Not that many people celebrate Christmas. Don’t go to Russia without knowing even the very standard phrases. The education allows most people to talk and understand, but with a very big accent and a very small word count. They don’t speak that good English. At hotels and restaurants there might be a slightly higher level of English, but just slightly. There are lots of places to see, but you should make a list before you actually go to Saint-Petersburg. It will take you a long time to choose everything you want to see.

It is magnificent to go outside on the new year. I guarantee you, or if you are with a family a very good time. I think there are a lot of tourist places you can find on the Internet, but I will recommend seeing the bridges go up. It simply looks so good. I can’t describe it with a word but I would just say its beautiful. You also might like just walking outside at about seven. But have a few of your places from the list on the way. That might be a very effective way to spend your holiday and relax. So I recommend to go there. If you have never been there.


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