by Lodovica Casarini


Women in the Middle East should have the right to vote

Women today have more or less the same rights as men, but especially in the Middle East, women are struggling to have more rights. In the Middle East women are systematically discriminated and suffer because they don’t have independence/freedom, access to education and limited participation in society. Some countries in the Middle East don’t let women vote at the elections, but I think they should have the right to vote like men.

In the Middle East men are often higher in status than women; they are expected to take care of the children and the house while men go to work. Norms that keep women in a lower status continue to prevent women to get more right. Governments remain resistant to deal with inequalities for women, through progressive legislation, and often actively continue to make policies of repression. The right to vote is one of the most important things that women in the Middle East don’t have.

The World Economic Forum made a research to analyze equality between men and women. Saudi Arabia was classified as one of the countries where there are more rights to men than women. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving, for example. Fortunately, the king of Saudi Arabia will allow women to vote in the elections of 2015.

Women are still trying to have the right vote in the Middle East, but they are also trying to have equal rights as men. Women have the right to vote in many western governments around the world and they believe it is not right that women in the Middle East are suffering. Therefore western governments will also help women by convincing governments in the Middle East to make laws that help women. Women in the Middle East that already are running a business or have a job they like can also help other women that don’t have a job by suggesting them what to do.



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